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    Jonathan Goldman
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    Jonathan Goldman

    The Healing Sounds Intensive: Or What is Global Harmonization, Psycho-Acoustics, and the Merkaba of Sound? Every year for the past 18 years I have facilitated and produced the Healing Sounds Intensive—a 9-day training that takes place in late July at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland Colorado. I have been in the field of sound healing for over 30 years and the Healing Sounds Intensive has grown as a result of a demand to expand my teachings from weekends to longer periods of time.

    I will be the first to admit that I have been astonished at the extraordinary receptivity that the Intensive has received over the years. With the extraordinary help of my wife Andi Goldman, the Healing Sounds Intensive Director, along with our illustrious teaching staff, nearly 100 people attend the Healing Sounds Intensive each year. Continue reading
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